About Heather’s Organic Hair

 I’ve always been an advocate of natural hair products and safer chemical treatments. I began my career as a professional Hairdresser in 1992. I quickly realized that being a hairdresser I had to touch chemicals on a daily basis, perhaps five to ten times a day; eventually I developed health problems and therefore my quest for different hair products that had natural components began, to help reduce the chemical imprint on people.  I myself had many sensitivities and wasn’t able to tolerate these products, which I think was the impetus that led me to find alternative hair products. I attracted many people who had sensitivities and new found allergies. After selling organic quality hair care products to my clients, I noticed people had better results, their hair felt better, their health was better, they didn’t have reactions anymore and they felt good. Evolving into a passion from a simple need, Heather’s organic hair was born. Affirming again, that the natural solution is best. Time to turn a new leaf!



Rhianna West-Ferguson

Heather really listens to what you are looking for and makes suggestions based on hair type. Highly recommended

Candra Schank

Heather is an amazing hair stylist. I love going to her as I always feel pampered and leave looking and feeling like a million bucks.

Rhonda L. Flanagan

Heather is fabulous and favourite hair stylist. Her committment to using organic products continues over many years. I wish you all continuous success Heather